Adult Therapy Services

Adult Therapy Services


Aspire of WNY has operated a clinical facility dedicated to providing premier care for special needs adults for more than 35 years. Skilled, experienced therapists perform comprehensive clinical evaluations and develop personalized intervention plans to meet the needs and goals of each individual.

Long term therapy supports are available to maximize function and independence, as well as to prevent regression in skills over time. Short term rehabilitation is available to address changes in function due to injuries or new medical concerns. Integrated clinical teams address the needs of the whole person, giving considerations to identified goals in the areas of education, vocational and independent living. The agency’s Medical Director provides ongoing oversight of the intervention plans implemented and drives quality improvement efforts.

The Aspire Adult Therapy Department is conveniently located at 7 Community Drive in Cheektowaga, with easy access from both the NYS Thruway and Kensington Expressway.


We accept the following insurances:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Independent Health
  • Univera Healthcare
  • Fidelis Care
  • YourCare
  • UnitedHealthcare

As part of Aspire’s Health services, the Mental Health Services Department has been providing individuals with behavioral health care since 1971.

Our assessment and treatment services are designed to help people cope with, or overcome, life’s traumas and emotional, or other mental health challenges. Our goal is to help those we serve strive toward their highest level of capabilities and personal fulfillment.

Counseling Services:

  • Are you feeling upset, sad, depressed, or anxious?
  • Are you having difficulty coping?
  • Have you recently experienced a loss?


The Aspire Health Center provides counseling to assist individuals and families in dealing with emotional responses, grief and loss and personal challenges. Our Team of experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate Social Workers can assist you with sorting out your feelings, coping with stress and resolving issues that impact your daily life. Our team specializes in supportive counseling services for family members and care providers of those with developmental or acquired disabilities.

We help our clients with the following challenges and more:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Impulse Control Issues
  • Difficulties coping with changes
  • Relationship Issues
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Psychotic Disorders

For more information on Aspire’s Mental Health Services, please call: 716.505-.5655.

    Physical Therapy

    In order to maximize functioning, reduce pain and promote good health, our Physical Therapists conduct evaluations and develop individualized treatment programs to prevent, minimize, or alleviate physical disability and associated health complications. Evaluations and training related to custom seating and mobility systems are additional specialty areas. Patient education and carry-over home exercise programs allow individuals take an active role in their health care and recovery.


    Speech Therapy

    Speech-Language Pathologists provide evaluation and treatment of a full range of communication disorders and swallowing difficulties. Qualified clinicians address all issues affecting speech, language, and comprehension. Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems offer a ‘voice’ to those who have lost the ability to speak or are difficult to understand. Our dedicated clinicians embrace the unique potential in every person served, with a focus on the fact that enhanced communication skills are a key factor in facilitating a sense of empowerment and satisfaction in life.

    Aspire’s health team also offers the following:

    • Wheelchair evaluations, durable medical equipment ordering and fitting.
    • Orthotic services to help prevent further contractures and deformity, enhance ambulation, and maintain optimal functioning.
    • Adaptive equipment evaluation and ordering of supplies.

    For more information on Aspire’s Rehabilitation Services, please call: (716) 505-5655.

    =Feeding and Swallowing

    Trained Speech Pathologists evaluate an individual’s ability to swallow food and liquid safely. Recommendations are made based upon the individual’s current skill level and potential for advancement. Adaptive meal-time equipment can optimize rate and amount of intakes, as well as promote independence during meals. Modified diet textures can make food and liquid easier to manage. Compensatory techniques and mealtime strategies can enhance swallowing safety and improve respiratory function. Formal intervention plans are implemented to maximize an individual feeding and swallowing skills.

    Augmentative Communication

    Experienced Speech Language Pathologists provide evaluation and training in the use of assistive communication aids and devices for individuals who have lost the ability to speak or whose speech is difficult to understand. Our thorough assessment of an individual’s skills, needs and potential ensures they are fitted with the most appropriate and effective communication equipment. Communication aids and devices, along with equipment to facilitate alternate access, are available on-site to facilitate hands-on trials and training.

    Seating and Mobility

    Physical Therapists evaluate for custom seating systems that manage medical symptoms and provide therapeutic levels of support and security for individuals with orthopedic, postural and mobility challenges. Devices such as wheelchairs, standers, gait trainers, stair lifts and elevating seats assist individuals in maneuvering independently throughout their environment.

    Assistive Technology

    Our multi-disciplinary team conducts evaluations for alternate access to traditional forms of technology, as well as enhanced functioning within traditional living and workplace environments. Adaptations can make battery operated and electronic devices accessible for environmental control, vocational pursuits, community integration and enhanced self reliance. Specialized equipment and environmental modifications facilitate independent living and vocational functioning.

    For more information on Aspire of WNY’s Specialty Health Services, please call: (716) 505-5655.