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Aspire of WNY Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction

At Aspire of WNY, the quality of our services are defined and determined through ongoing communications with those who trust us to provide support.  Our promise to those people is to measure satisfaction and quality, based on factual evidence, success within the community and personalized outcomes.  We rely on the input from the people we support and from their committed staff, family members and advocates in making our determination relative to quality and satisfaction.  The future of Aspire is in our commitment to listen with a positive attitude, relentlessly pursue opportunities, work together as one and be accessible to all.

By completing the Satisfaction Survey(s) you help us stay true to our Mission and Vision. The first survey to complete is “About Aspire Satisfaction Survey” – these are general questions about Aspire, and then, as applicable, the surveys related to services you or your loved one receive from Aspire. Click on the link(s) below to begin: