Day Services

Day Habilitation Services in Erie & Chautauqua Counties

Aspire of WNY Day Services Programs are a comprehensive approach designed to provide individuals with opportunities for meaningful participation in daily life.  Day Services provide opportunities for personal growth and social/recreational activities.  Some services are offered site based others in the community.  Services are individually tailored to support each individual’s needs and interests, ranging from learning daily living skills to volunteer opportunities. Within each program you will find caring, dedicated and well trained staff.

Special Needs Day Habilitation Services

Day Services at Aspire

  • 7 Community Drive Day Habilitation Program is located in Cheektowaga and offers skill building, planned daily activities, Art, Technology, community outings and volunteer opportunities.
  • Brock Day Habilitation Program is located in Getzville and offers the opportunity for Art, Technology and other services while building meaningful relationships.
  • Mall Blvd Day Habilitation Program is located in Jamestown and offers individualized services that include technology, community outings, volunteering, art and skill building activities all while developing relationships.
  • Hamburg Day Habilitation Program is located on the border of Hamburg and Orchard Park. It is a small site that supports people with high medical needs.  LPN services are provided on a regular basis. 

Technology Today is located in Tonawanda and is where individuals have the opportunity to learn photography, photo editing, movie making, internet safety and online communication. The equipment and technology is adapted for each individual and instruction is provided for learning ISO/Windows Operating Systems and a wide range of software programs.

Technology Today also provides on-site ACCESS-VR evaluations to assist eligible individuals with disabilities to obtain employment or continuing education. Participants are assessed for specific assistive technology that would provide a successful work or college experience. Individual workstations are set up to help familiarize the individual with new/adaptive equipment or software and provide 1:1 training allowing for a seamless transition to college or work.

Technology Today provides services and experiences for High School students looking to increase their technology skills and explore new aspects of the computer to better enhance and develop their independence.

  • Supported Volunteering and Lifestyle Enrichment (SVLE) offering volunteer opportunities and personalized skill development that occurs mostly in the community that the person resides in. It is designed to build relationships, promote independence and provide some vocational skill building. The 3 locations that SVLE is offered are:
    • SVLE – Dunkirk/Fredonia area
    • SVLE – Jamestown area
    • SVLE – Erie County area
  • Co-Op offers participants the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities on and off site, through the three main components that are unique to this program:
  • Volunteer and Community based activities – Giving back to the community through volunteering and enjoying everything the community has to offer.
  • Health and Wellness – Exercise and healthy meal planning, shopping and cooking.
  • Art and Self-expression through the iXpress Program – experiencing a wide range of self-expression through; fine arts, poetry, song writing, videos and dance. Some services are located in our independent art studio on the 5th floor of the Tri-Main building.

Aspire iXpress Logo

iXpress is an expressive arts program for people with developmental disabilities. It includes all forms of artistic expression from painting, clay sculpting and writing to acting, singing, playing musical instruments and photography.

Participants are led through an artistic process designed to fuel personal inspiration, improve communication skills and develop a stronger sense of self. iXpress reinforces that participants are first and foremost artists, who happen to be challenged with a disability.

iXpress instructors work with occupational, speech and physical therapists to provide each artist with individualized equipment and methods to overcome their challenges with mobility, motor control, language or learning. Many participants use adaptive artistic equipment, including headpointers instead of hands, adapted computers for writing, adapted paintbrushes, helmets equipped with a paintbrush or other adaptive techniques. Art facilitators are available to support artists in the lifelong learning experiences from hands on support to the experience of new techniques.