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CBS Show ‘Scorpion’ Features Plot Line Surrounding Boy with Disability

Here on our blog we like to highlight different stories from all over the country that shine a light on children and adults with developmental disabilities. Typically we find these stories through other news outlets, both local and outside of Buffalo. Every once in awhile we come across a character or storyline in a form of media who has a disability.

Though the depictions of individuals with disabilities aren’t always realistic, any form of awareness brings a little positive reinforcement to what Aspire is all about. Including and accepting children and adults as equals, and helping them transition into a functional and happy adult life.

Recently,  a show called “Scorpion” on CBS featured an autistic boy was at the center of the plot. The premise behind the show centers around a group of super-intelligent government operatives who aim to stop the most complex, high tech threats around the globe.

In the storyline of the episode titled “Little Boy Lost”, a boy named Daniel is featured in the first few minutes of the episode, who is a friend of the main character’s young son Ralph. The two boys are on a field trip to a local automobile museum. When Daniel has a bit of a scare, Ralph helps him recalibrate his tablet, enabling Daniel to communicate.

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This is a great example of seeing assistive technology in modern media. Soon, when Daniel’s Mother learns that Daniel is missing, she tells the Scorpion team that Daniel has Nonverbal Autism, and that his tablet is the only way he communicates. The team learns that by mistake, Daniel’s assistive tablet had been switched with another tandem of “bad guys” who had been making an exchange of an identical tablet at the museum. The rest of the episode focuses on trying to track down the boy.


The team talks about many different aspects of autism, and how finding him will differ from finding a child without autism. They are required to lean on the help of Daniel’s mother, who knows Daniels tendencies. As we all know, no one knows a child with developmental disabilities more than a loving mother.

Again, this is a great example of awareness of Autism and developmental disabilities being spread through modern media. We’ll leave off there, and let you watch the episode to see what happens next, but spoiler alert, it closes with a happy ending…

See the full episode on CBS online here.

We’d love to hear any examples of good depictions of individuals with disabilities in modern media! If you see any great depictions that help bring positive awareness to inclusion or assistive technology message us on facebook and we might feature it on our blog!

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