Paris Adams Shines at Tim Tebow’s Event!

From limousine rides to red carpets, Paris Adams, an individual who receives services from Aspire of WNY, experienced a night fit for royalty. Paris attended the Tim Tebow Night to Shine event in Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, February 9th, where he was crowned as a guest of honor.

The Tim Tebow Night to Shine is an around-the-world prom night experience for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities hosted by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Over 622 churches worldwide open their doors to event attendees annually. Paris received an invitation to the foundation’s Cleveland, Ohio, event with the help of two of his summer camp counselors and friends from Pioneer Camp, who advocated for Paris to attend.

Paris was picked up in a limousine for the event at 6 pm, which would run until 9 pm. When he arrived, he got to walk in on a red carpet and have pictures taken. He spent the rest of the night dining, dancing, and enjoying guest performers. The event would not have been complete without some massage therapy and an exciting visit from Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters. “I felt rejuvenated, happy, and excited the whole night. This is the first experience of a lifetime where I got to be with new friends and people I didn’t even recognize,” explains Paris. “My favorite part was the limo rides, the photoshoots, and the massage treatments. It was so much fun and fascinating. Even the food was fantastic, they had a salad, string beans and roast chicken. It was all just fabulous,” Paris explains.

Before this extravagant night ended, a coronation ceremony was held, in which Paris was crowned guest of honor. “When I got the crown, I was so happy. It was a great experience,” says Paris. After saying his final goodbyes, Paris returned to the home of a special friend. “I got to spend the night at my camp counselor’s farmhouse for the first time, and he treated me like royalty,” says Paris.

As Paris reflects on his Night to Shine event experience, he does so with overwhelming gratitude and joy and hopes of being able to return again. “This is an event I’ll remember for my whole lifetime, and I would love to participate again next year. It was very special and unique,” explains Paris.

 “Collaborative opportunities like this are vital to the growth of the individuals that our agency supports, as they provide invaluable experiences that help to foster independence, confidence, and empowerment,” explains Renee Filip, President and CEO at Aspire of WNY. Through the support of organizations like the Tim Tebow Foundation and the advocacy of dedicated individuals like Paris’ summer camp counselors, Paris was able to step into the spotlight and be celebrated. The Tim Tebow Night to Shine was more than just a glamorous night out for Paris; it was an experience that affirmed his worth and showcased his endless potential.