Employee Spotlight: Meet Matthew Zanghi!

In the heart of the Southern Tier, there’s a dedicated individual who is ensuring that every residential space owned by Aspire of WNY is not just a house, but a home. Matthew Zanghi is the Maintenance Supervisor for the Southern Tier, a role that requires responsibility, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the individuals that our agency supports.

As the Maintenance Supervisor, Matthew and his team make sure all things are running smoothly across residential homes throughout the Southern Tier. From conducting field repairs to overseeing audits, Matthew and his team are always on the move. Their responsibilities extend from Silver Creek to Jamestown and require a full 24-hour commitment as they’re always on call and ready to work on any needed after-hour repairs.

For Matthew and his team, every day holds something new. “It’s busy every day; there’s never a dull moment,” Matthew explains. A typical day for Matthew involves checking for work orders, prioritizing health and safety calls, and then coordinating with his team about who will be going where. From fire alarms to dryer vents, Matthew spends each day ensuring that all residential homes in the Southern Tier foster a safe and comfortable environment for individuals supported by Aspire of WNY.

Matthew knows that his role as Maintenance Supervisor holds a lot of weight. “The responsibility of everyone’s life in the house rests on the Maintenance Supervisor and the Manager of the house,” says Matt. His dedication to his job as Maintenance Supervisor extends far beyond his daily duties, as Matt knows it’s about making a difference in the everyday lives of individuals supported by Aspire of WNY. “Everything we do is something that someone needs, maybe even just something that someone wants. Sometimes, it’s just hanging up stuff in someone’s room for them. It’s rewarding to make someone happy,” explains Matt.

For Matthew, his journey toward earning the title of Maintenance Supervisor at Aspire of WNY was extra meaningful to him. With a background in the field and his own personal motivation stemming from his brother, who has autism spectrum disorder, Matthew took on this position with the desire to make an impact. Matthew brings a unique set of skills to our agency, having eight years of experience in the U.S. Navy, along with being a former Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Matthew’s ability to handle any situation with a smile sets him apart and makes him a valuable asset to our agency. “He is always upbeat and positive, constantly looking for ways of improvement in the jobs he does. It is a pleasure and joy to see how he takes the time to build personable relationships with the people we support,” explains Carrie Spence, Chief Operating Officer at Aspire of WNY.

“Working with Matt is a great honor. His passion and commitment inspire me every day, and he’s extremely passionate about providing the best quality he can, with a smile,” says Jeffrey Nail, Vice President of Environment and Safety at Aspire of WNY.

Not only is Matthew ensuring the safety and comfort of individuals supported through Aspire of WNY, but he is also bringing smiles into every residential space that he walks into. Aspire of WNY is proud to have Matthew making an impact one home at a time.