Sheri Ellis Celebrates 18 Years with Aspire of WNY!

In July 2024, Sheri Ellis will celebrate an exciting milestone—18 years with Aspire of WNY!! As a Data Management Specialist, Sheri’s role extends beyond managing data; her contributions and impact have touched the hearts of many here at our agency.

Sheri began her journey with Aspire of WNY as an administrative assistant. She recognized an opportunity to make an even more significant IMPACT here at the agency and transitioned to her current role as a Data Management Specialist. In this position, Sheri meticulously handles documentation for the individuals supported at the Brock Day Hab, inputs information into the agency-wide database called Therap, and manages billing needs for those receiving services.
Reflecting on the past 18 years at Aspire of WNY, Sheri shares, “My gift and happiness come from making other people happy. My goal is to make other people happy, and that’s why I’m here.” Sheri’s strong desire to bring joy to others is evident in her willingness to go above and beyond what’s required of her. Whether helping with laundry, filling in where needed, helping, or offering kind words, Sheri strives to be a team player here at the agency!
One of the most rewarding aspects of Sheri’s job is her close relationships with the individuals we support. Sheri has a very near-and-dear bond with one individual, Michael. “When Michael comes into my office and tells me he loves me, it melts my heart,” Sheri says. Sheri expresses a lot of gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the lives of the individuals Aspire of WNY supports.

Sheri is known around the agency for her thoughtful gestures, such as baking birthday cakes for coworkers and bringing treats. Her dedication and conscientiousness have not gone unnoticed; she received an employee award just a year after joining the agency!

Outside of her role as a Data Management Specialist here at Aspire of WNY, Sheri is a devoted mother and grandmother who loves to spend time with her family. This reflects her nurturing and empathic nature.

Sheri also strongly believes in advocating for the individuals we support here at Aspire of WNY and making our voices heard. “The government needs to come in and spend a day here,” she says. “Maybe then they can understand why we need the funding. Unless you come in here, it’s just words on paper.”

As Sheri celebrates 18 years with the agency, her impact continues to inspire those around her. Her dedication, empathy, and commitment to making others happy make her an invaluable part of the agency. Congratulations, Sheri, on 18 impactful years at Aspire of WNY.