Aspire of WNY’s Children’s Discovery Corner Celebrates the Preschool Graduation!

The Busy Bees, the Rainbow Friends, and the Shining Stars marched centerstage on June 6th, proudly wearing their blue caps and gowns as they prepared to embrace bright futures ahead! This event marked the commencement ceremony for the 2024 class of the Children’s Discovery Corner integrated preschool program at the Aspire of WNY Center for Learning (CFL) school.

The Children’s Discovery Corner is an inclusive preschool program at Aspire of WNY designed to accommodate students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). It features three classrooms: the Busy Bees, the Rainbow Friends, and the Shining Stars. This integrated approach ensures every child receives a supportive and enriching educational experience.
As the ceremony began, the graduating class, accompanied by their teachers, marched up to the stage in the CFL cafetorium to the timeless graduation song. John Cole, Vice President of Educational Services at Aspire of WNY, warmly welcomed the family members, friends, and supporters of the 2024 graduating class.
Once on stage, the excited graduates showcased five interactive songs performed for their audience. Their setlist included “Ambos A Dos,” “Animal Boogie,” “This Is How I Do It,” “On Top of the World,” and “So Long, Farewell.” The graduates enthusiastically danced, tapped along with rhythm sticks, and held up props for each number.

Following the musical performances, the diploma presentation began. Each graduate’s name was called, and they proudly walked to the center of the cafetorium to receive their certificates.

The ceremony concluded with heartfelt farewell speeches from Brenda Chmura, Pre-School Special Education Supervisor at Aspire of WNY, and Kevi-Ann Simpson, Director of Children’s Discovery Corner. They expressed gratitude and admiration for the graduates and wished them well on their educational journey.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued as friends, family, supporters, and graduates mingled and enjoyed refreshments. The teachers also presented graduates with farewell gifts.

Congratulations to the class of 2024 graduates! We are thrilled to see what the future holds for each of you. The journey is just beginning, and we are confident you will continue shining brightly in all your educational endeavors!