Approaching Storm

Richelle Tyma

Approaching Storm” pays homage to the legacy of Charles Burchfield, a renowned master capturing the transformative power of nature’s tempestuous moods. However, the artist behind this extraordinary watercolor imbues their own distinctive vision, creating a piece that stands as a testament to their artistic voice and profound understanding of atmospheric art.

The blue tones, ranging from deep cerulean to the palest of blues, provide a backdrop against which the other colors intensify. These blues conjure a sense of vastness and infinite space, echoing the grandeur of nature’s elemental forces. The deep purples and greys add depth and weight, invoking a mood of impending darkness and mystery.

Contrasting with this brooding palette, vibrant orange and gold accents punctuate the painting, infusing it with a flicker of hope and warmth. These bursts of color serve as a visual juxtaposition, drawing the viewer’s eye and accentuating the impending storm’s dynamic nature.

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