Colorful Family

Brock Collaborative

Colorful Family was created by the talented artists of the Brock iXpress studio. Collaborative works bring out the creativity, laughter, and friendship of all the artists involved. The studio comes alive with music, dance, conversation, and lots of messes! We often have curious visitors stop by to see what all the fun is about. The creative process can be serious in the research, planning and design of the piece, but there is always respect, fun and passion that can be felt throughout the studio as well.
Colorful Family is a step-by-step creation that began by looking at many different images and videos of whales swimming. The artists first picked their color for the background. Bright colors were then applied by each artist with watercolor. Then each artist took turns painting the mom and baby whale. Some painted hand over hand and some painted free hand. They hope you enjoy the beautiful creation that came out of this collaboration
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