Zoey’s Annual Fundraiser Raises $1,200+ to Donate Back to Aspire of WNY’s ADAPT! Fashions Program

Aspire of WNY is proud to have someone like Zoey in our corner!

Zoey works to raise funds annually via her Dad’s softball tournament. This year, Zoey chose to support Aspire of WNY’s ADAPT! Fashions program with her annual fundraiser.

Aspire of WNY’s Adult Development and Professional Training (ADAPT) Fashion is a boutique clothing closet located at the Aspire of WNY Training Academy, which offers community-based prevocational services while providing professional attire to the community. Zoey chose Aspire of WNY this year because her brother has a sensory processing disorder, AND her Aunt Jen works with us here at Aspire of WNY, helping people like him.

“I want to help my brother, and others become more independent and learn work skills. I want the money we raise to help ADAPT! Fashions put on a fashion show for people with all abilities!” Zoey said.
Leading up to the event, Aspire of WNY and many in the community helped Zoey reach her goal by asking for support through donations. On the event day, seven teams showed up to play, and all teams’ entry fees were donated back to Aspire of WNY. The tournament was double elimination, and they played till dark, until the winners, Team Zoey, and Team Glovebox, were announced! Some teams traveled all the way from Ohio to be in attendance.
There wasn’t only baseball going on to help raise money during this beautiful day! Zoey and her family sold and served lemonade, hot dogs, water, bags of chips, and cookies to the players and the families in between games. There was also a basket raffle, and the Aspire of WNY team was there to cheer on every team!
In all, Zoey helped raise $1,211.50, surpassing her original goal! Thank you to everyone who came out for a fantastic day for a great cause!