Respite & Recreation

Respite Care & Recreation Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

Aspire provides a number of programs to help connect children, adolescents and adults with disabilities and unique needs with opportunities for respite and recreation. Learn more about the different programs and experiences available.

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After-School Respite

Focusing on leisure and recreational activities, the program is available for children and young adults with disabilities, three to 18 years of age at Aspire’s Center for Learning.  Activities include arts and crafts, baking, outdoor/indoor gross motor games, and free play. There are regular opportunities for younger children, under the age of 12, to be integrated into Aspire’s Children’s Discovery Corner day care. 

Program Hours: 2:30-6 p.m.

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Saturday Recreational Respite

This component is offered two times monthly in both Cheektowaga and Fredonia. It is funded by a Family Support Grant from the Western New York Developmental Disabilities Service Office. Eligible individuals include those 15 to 60 years old with developmental disabilities and still living with their families. Respite is offered two Saturdays per month for seven hours. Activities include arts and crafts, holiday projects and community trips.

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Free Standing Respite

Free Standing Respite care offers a place for people with developmental disabilities to spend time away from home including overnight accommodations and staff supports, thereby freeing their family members to run errands, attend social events, etc.

 This program is currently on pause until further notice. No new referrals will be accepted at this time.

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Hourly Respite Care

Provides a family a break by having Aspire staff come to the family’s home and give the person supervision and oversight allowing the family time to run errands or whatever else they may need to do.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is defined by the National Institutes of Health as “short-term relief for primary caregivers”. Aspire’s respite care services provide relief to the caregivers of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Respite care reduces overall family stress by providing in-home and out-of-home activities and recreation that are available at various hours of the day.