Payroll Tips & Tricks at Aspire of WNY

Payroll has encountered several continuing errors that we would like to address.

We want to remind everyone that daily punching in and out is the best way to be paid accurately. Entering time for employees is more likely to cause errors, which lead to paying them incorrectly.   


Please check timesheets at least twice a week to ensure things make sense regarding in-and-out punches, missing punches, etc. This gives you and the EE ample time to make accurate corrections.

If there is an exception and you must enter time for an EE, please be sure to check the day/date being corrected. Entered time is one of the biggest errors that Payroll is encountering.

See below:


Pay attention to AMs and PMs.  

This is an example of the EE being paid for 20.25 hours instead of 8.25 hours because the AM/PM was incorrect. Payroll would not know that this was an error, and the EE would be overpaid.

The next example deals with the overnight shift:


In this example, the time out was entered with a double arrow (greater than the sign).  When entering time there is a double arrow that means the employee clocked out the following day. This is normal if an employee works overnights; however, if they don’t, then you should make sure what you want entered is what was actually worked

Another thing I want to point out is that this entry is on Friday, and the second date says that also, if there are greater than (double arrows) on the in and out time, then the second date will be the following day.

Some employees have supervisors entering time for the majority of the week. This should not be happening. We provide many ways to punch in and out, and if there is a concern, please contact payroll and/or HR. Again, the best and most accurate way to be paid is for ALL Employers to punch in/out of workforce development daily.

Also note: All timesheets should be approved by 2:00 PM on Mondays of payroll week.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact the payroll department with any questions:

Akisha McKelley, Payroll Accounting Manager
Phone: 716-505-5591
Fax: 716-505-5599