Four Years of Food & Friendship Leads Us to Try Justin’s Amigo Pie!

After this special story, you may be left drooling over this delicious culinary dish!

Meet Justin — an individual supported through Aspire of WNY’s Community & Independent Living Support (CILS) team. With the support of the team, Justin has been cooking for about 4 years. On average, he makes it his goal to cook one meal weekly. Recently, Justin and his support staff person Deanna, tried a new recipe, Amigo Pie.

“It was a fun recipe for him to do, and he also learned new skills,” said Deanna. “We went through the steps of melting butter in the microwave. He never used the power setting before. Then he needed a cup of hot water and he did that in the microwave also. We discussed why you start with cold water and why we don’t use hot water from the tap. He followed the recipe, and by doing it step by step, he was able to complete it, and it turned out delicious!”

With four years of cooking under his belt, it is hard to pick the best dish. However, it seems like Amigo Pie may be one of his favorites.