Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled

Aspire of  Western New York offers a multitude of community services for the developmentally disabled. Serving Erie County, Buffalo NY, and surrounding counties, the Division of Community Living at Aspire promotes opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to learn independence skills necessary to live fulfilling and successful day to day lives.

Operating 43 groups homes which serve 320 individuals, 24/7 individual Staff support is provided for individuals of differing capabilities through our Individual Residential Alternatives. (IRAs). This option allows for full time individualized care for the developmentally disabled to live in a setting consistent with their supportive needs.

Through Community Habilitation and Self Directed Supports, our caring staff at Aspire helps to train and develop the person to be capable of living independently. We will work specifically with the individual and their loved ones to develop a plan suited to their preferable living arrangement. The community supports & independent living option also offers shared living opportunities to address day-to-day living expenses.

Personalized opportunities for community services are offered on site which include technology/computer skills training, iXpress Art Program, volunteering activities for job readiness skills, and improved quality of life opportunities through community skill building.

Community services for the developmentally disabled are also offered through the assistance of the individual in their own home. Trained Aspire staff are provided for community habilitation within the home to develop and expand support that is important to the individual and their circle. Respite services (overnight, hourly) are also provided to give family members and loved once a break from the obligation and responsibility of caring for the person with a disability.

For more information on Aspire’s many community services for the developmentally disabled, please call: 716-324-2744.