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Aspire of WNY Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Community and Independent Living Supports

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  • What supports are available for finding a job and developing a career?

    Individualized Career Services/Supported Employment

    Employability Pledge

    Aspire can assist you with employment opportunities through personalized supports. Our team can help explore and build career options, provide assistance in finding and maintaining a job based on your skills and interests in the workplace. Individual career services can include:

    • ACCESS-VR – Services include personalized vocational evaluations, work experience opportunities through internships, technology evaluations, and job coaching.
    • OPWDD Supported Employment – Offers personalized job development and coaching.
    • Employment Training Program – Through OPWDD funding supports, participants are offered paid internships at local businesses with the ultimate goal of paid employment.
    • Consolidated Supports and Services – Through OPWDD Front Door and CSS programs, participants can contract personalized employment support services.
  • What types of meaningful activities are available during the day?

    Group Day Habilitation

    Aspire offers personalized day habilitation services in support of your goals toward pursuing educational, recreational, and employment activities.


    Operates out of a site-based setting and offers personalized opportunities for developing community skills and relationship building.

    • Focuses on community skill building and improved quality of life opportunities.
    • Develops job readiness skills through an exploration of volunteering activities.
    • Provides opportunities for technology/computer skills training.
    • Offers opportunities to participate in the iXpress Art Program


    Includes person-centered skill development using life experiences and learning to prepare one for activity or work in the community.

    • Supported Volunteering and Lifestyle Enrichment(SVLE) – Community Day Hab without walls, offering volunteer opportunities and personalized skills development.
    • The Co-Op
      Based out of the Tri Main building in Buffalo, this program features community-based activities designed by thte attendees, focusing on Art, Health and Wellness.
    • Technology Today – Provides opportunities for learning new information technologies and personalized adaptations.
    • iXpress – An expressive arts program that focuses on personalized artistic growth and exploration through a variety of mixed media.
  • How can Aspire help me or my loved one learn the vocational skills needed to be successful in finding a job?

    ADAPT – Adult Development and Professional Training

    Aspire’s pre-vocational services includes an individualized learning plan to develop the skills needed to be successful in a chosen field of employment.
    Highlights of the ADAPT program include:

    • A person-centered vocational profile and plan, collaboratively developed and updated every six months.
    • Personalized options for the development of work skills.
    • Technology and computer-based learning opportunities
    • Job exploration via internships, community activities, and volunteer opportunities.
    • Participation in small group/classroom learning settings.
    • Up to three years of enrollment eligibility.

    M.O.V.E. – Making Opportunities via Vocational Experience

    This pathway to employment combines a part-time classroom environment with internships or community opportunities to facilitate the learning and practice of desired work skills.

    • Internships are developed around the individual’s desired goals.
    • Aspire Employment Specialist provides hands-on assistance in work or community settings.
    • Program is set up to emulate real world work environment.
    • Up to one year of enrollment eligibility
  • Self Directed Services

    A Person Centered option that allows you and/or your chosen advocate(s) the authority to have control over the supports u0026amp; services important to you. You can have the authority to hire and manage your own staff with as much or little support from Aspire as you request. Individualized u0026amp; Customized Supports u0026amp; Services Managers can assist in:

    • Developing and managing self-directed service and supports
    • Fiscal intermediary; acting as the Employer of Record, performing background checks and fingerprinting, recruiting, interviewing and supervising staff, and implementation and execution of a budget and all related expenses.
    • Providing oversight during the planning process to ensure that every necessary safeguard is taken into consideration and implemented within the plan prior to approval.
    • Broker services which develop and maintain the supports and services plan and budget and the circle of support, monitor expenditures for consistency, performs periodic reviews and updates to the plan as needed.

    For Self-Directed Services Call:

    In Erie, Niagara, or Chautauqua County call:
    Phone: (716) 456-3119