Aspire of WNY’s Art and Wine Celebration

Our largest annual fundraiser is our Art & Wine Celebration applauds the extraordinary talent of several artists who participate through Aspire of WNY’s iXpress Art Program. This evening of live music, food and drink attracts approximately 800 people and will be held at Kleinhans Music Hall! It will take place on Friday, September 8th from 6pm to 9pm.

Our iXpress program is an expressive arts program for people with developmental disabilities. It includes all forms of artistic expression from painting, clay sculpting and writing to acting, singing, playing musical instruments and photography. Participants are led through an artistic process designed to fuel personal inspiration, improve communication skills and develop a stronger sense of self. iXpress reinforces that participants are first and foremost artists, who happen to be challenged with a disability.


iXpress instructors work with occupational, speech and physical therapists to provide each artist with individualized equipment and methods to overcome their challenges with mobility, motor control, language or learning. Many participants use adaptive artistic equipment, including headpointers instead of hands, adapted computers for writing, adapted paintbrushes, helmets equipped with a paintbrush or other adaptive techniques. Art facilitators are available to support artists in the lifelong learning experiences from hands on support to the experience of new techniques

Aspire is the sole host, organizer, and beneficiary of the event and 100% of the proceeds support Aspire of WNY’s iXpress program.

Below are some more photos of our Art and Wine Celebration in 2022!