Art, Birds, & Fairies: Aspire of WNY is Connecting with our Local Community


At Aspire of WNY, the art of connecting to the community in the summer of 2022 came down to art itself! The agency’s Co-Op/iXpress program, operating out of Aspire of WNY’s TriMain location, had the opportunity to work with TriMain’s Community People’s Park, located on Main Street in Buffalo.

The individuals we support were tasked with the creation of an outdoor art exhibit that would benefit the local community, along with providing a beautiful space to invite nature to coexist in the city.

Group members had the vision to build an immersive exhibit where art and bird lovers alike could visit People’s Park and enjoy some of the most unique bird and fairy houses anyone has ever seen!

Each participant worked on bringing their ideas to life and allowing their personality to shine. Some birdhouses were simple, a minimalistic take with just a touch of color. Others were super fun for the maximalist birds and fairies to enjoy. The possibilities were as endless as imagination itself.

With the final birdhouse hung in People’s Park, the exhibit and outdoor reception were set in motion. Between the artists, families, and local community members, the individuals were able to present their exhibit to a crowd of exuberant fans, all of whom were excited to enjoy the park with other community members, birds, and fairies alike.

Coming up next? The second exhibit with a focus on hot air balloons called: “Up, Up and Away!”