716Together Podcast Hosts Aspire of WNY

Dive into the 716Together podcast to hear Aspire of WNY’s Vice President of Communications, Megan Rechin, unravel our agency’s mission in supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the Western New York region.


716Together is a locally run podcast, describing itself as an “audio town hall designed to inform, inspire, and empower our community on the social, economic, and health issues that affect us all.” In this eye-opening conversation, Megan sheds light on Aspire of WNY and the individuals supported through our agency. “From day habilitation programs to events, to physical therapy, speech therapy, and to supporting career and employment efforts in our community, our whole team is dedicated to supporting the unlimited potential and personal dreams of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We find ways to help them achieve their life goals,” says Megan.

The podcast episode explores the advocacy we embrace here at Aspire of WNY, and highlights the triumphs of the individuals that we support. Megan tells host Tami Lee Demler about a touching conversation she had with an individual who receives services from our agency, Danny, who has a big dream of moving into his very own first apartment. “He told me all of the steps he is taking to reach his dream. He did a few internships and then was finally offered a part-time job at a local bakery. Now, he’s saving up his money, and our team is helping him learn the skills of cooking and cleaning for himself and making sure he’s at work on time. He will still have support, but eventually, Danny is going to be able to fulfill his dream, which is something that we all deserve,” explains Megan.

Opportunities like our feature on the 716Together podcast play a vital role in the growth of our agency, allowing us to extend our presence in the community and share information about the services we provide to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Thank you to 716Together for providing us with this opportunity to showcase the inspiring stories and mission of Aspire of WNY!