Pretty in Pink

Mike Ross

You don’t just have to be Molly Ringwald to love, “Pretty in Pink.” “Pretty in Pink” is the new artistic tour de force skillfully crafted by dashing and dapper artist, Mike Ross. Radiating charisma, Ross possesses a captivating smile that could charm the bees from their hives.  Ross, a veteran of the iXpress program hails from Hamburg, NY and is one of five brothers.
His artistic journey has led to the development of his own distinctive style of expression. “Pretty in Pink” stands as a testament to his artistic prowess.  Evoking the vibrancy of Andy Warhol’s seminal “Flowers” series, yet this floral masterpiece goes beyond as you lose yourself in the dream of a pink, orange, and yellow bouquet against a tranquil blue backdrop. Ross’s creation leaves an enduring imprint that lingers long after the final gaze.
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