Eye of the Flower

Jordan Maliken

With his perpetual beaming smile and affable demeanor, Jordan Maliken has crafted an enthralling masterpiece in the form of “Eye of the Flower.” This artwork harmoniously merges contemporary artistic elements of POP, Street, and graffiti styles with the timeless essence of the post-impressionist masters.
Evident in his unquenchable enthusiasm, Jordan’s willingness to embrace novelty is truly commendable. Collaborating closely with his art instructors, he forms a cohesive unit dedicated to translating their shared vision.  The result is a painting that springs forth with a joyous burst of colors, akin to confetti amid blooming plum and yellow flowers, symbolizing perpetual renewal and celebrating life’s beauty.  Like Jordan’s infectious spirit, “Eye of the Flower” brings a shared, uncontainable delight to the viewer.
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