Buffalo is Awesome 

Morganne Monacelli

Morganne is an Artist with an infectious zeal for life. A vivacious spirit who has defied expectations, Morganne has Mora profound love for painting and passion for cartoons. Morganne, with her infectious smile and warm personality, has effortlessly woven herself into the fabric of the iXpress program. Her sheer delight in creating art is evident in every brushstroke.  Her work titled “Buffalo is Awesome,” is a striking piece that seamlessly melds the techniques of acrylic pouring with a crafted buffalo stencil. The composition exudes vibrant blue and yellow merging and flowing, evoking a local Buffalo hockey team on the rise.
Morganne embraces every opportunity to connect with others and cultivate new friendships. Morganne’s star shines brightly, illuminating the hearts and minds of all who have the privilege of meeting her.
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