Keeping It Classy 

Brock Collaborative

Keeping it Classy was created by the talented artists of the Brock iXpress studio. Collaborative works bring out the creativity, laughter, and friendship of all the artists involved.
Two artists at Brock, Marty and Jen Baker, created this piece. With the help of the Art facilitator, they were able to accomplish something that was a bit out of character and not the type of subject matter that would usually be chosen. When asked for help creating something for the Cigar Gift Gathering event, Marty was quick to say yes. Marty and Jen helped decide based on reference images which would be the most fun to recreate. The background of this piece is made of brown craft paper ripped up and glued down to look like cigar paper. And notice how that paper comes through the whiskey glass?! How creative!!! Each of the images was drawn out by the Art Facilitator on craft paper and the artists helped paint them in. Then they were cut out and glued onto the decoupaged canvas, into one cohesive piece
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