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Service Coordination

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The Service Coordination program connects individuals with supports and services that reflect their dreams and needs. We help develop, implement and maintain a personal network of services, supports and activities. Self-advocacy, self-direction and empowerment are encouraged. Service Coordination is an alliance between the person, the Service Coordinator, and the person’s chosen circle of support. The Service Coordinator works with the person and circle of support to explore interests and determine goals. Through Person Centered Planning (PCP) an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is developed to address and monitor those individualized needs and goals.

Service Coordination


  • Planning is person-centered and self-determined
  • Assistance with financial planning and benefits receipt
  • Provide linkage to services, e.g. healthcare, school districts
  • Guidance throughout the Guardianship process
  • Assistance with living arangements and home care
  • Connection to reliable service providers
  • Provide Advocacy for services, e.g. healthcare, school programs, organizations

Environmental Modification and Adaptive Technology (EMODS)

  • Assistance to obtain funding for environmental modifications and adaptive technologies to ensure that a person’s health, safety, independence and well-being are met through necessary modifications or devices. This ensures a person can maintain the ability to live at home and in the community.
  • Aspire of WNY participates fully in the Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE).

Types of E-Mods and Adaptive Technology

  • Coordinate the installation of a wheelchair ramp or lift
  • Plan for accessible bathroom modifications
  • Assist with making the kitchen and living space accessible and safe
  • Vehicle modifications

Self Directed Services

A Person Centered option that allows you and/or your chosen advocate(s) the authority to have control over the supports & services important to you. You can have the authority to hire and manage your own staff with as much or little support from Aspire as you request. Individualized & Customized Supports & Services Managers can assist in:

  • Developing and managing self-directed service and supports
  • Fiscal intermediary; acting as the Employer of Record, performing background checks and fingerprinting, recruiting, interviewing and supervising staff, and implementation and execution of a budget and all related expenses.
  • Providing oversight during the planning process to ensure that every necessary safeguard is taken into consideration and implemented within the plan prior to approval.
  • Broker services which develop and maintain the supports and services plan and budget and the circle of support, monitor expenditures for consistency, performs periodic reviews and updates to the plan as needed.

We now provide services in Front Door Information, ISP Training, MSC Core Training

and Self Advocacy/Self Determination.

For More Information:

In Erie or Niagara County call:
Phone: (716) 505-5830
Fax: (716) 836-1689

In Allegany, Cattaraugus, or Chautauqua Counties:

Phone: (716) 763-9070 or (800) 940-9135
Fax: (716) 763-3580

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