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Full-Time and Per Diem positions available

Minimum Qualifications:

Associate degree in Human Services or related topic, with one year applicable experience working with students with disabilities, preferably in job training and employment settings. Valid New York State Driver’s License.

Primary Responsibility:

Essential Functions are the ability to:

To provide person centered training, advocacy and other supports for students participating in Aspire’s WOW Program in the community. To ensure that students with developmental disabilities, and similar conditions have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest in keeping with their informed choices including assisting in creating career life plans for a successful transition from school to adult life. To act in a consulting manner with other Employment Specialists and others as needed to ensure appropriate and person-centered transition services.

Essential Physical Functions are the ability to:

Provide direct support services to people with job support needs, creatively work with potential employers to build appropriate relations and create opportunities for successful internships for the people supported, provide on-site job coaching, complete needed documentation on a timely basis, and maintain communication with involved individuals.  Adhere to attendance and lateness standards as required.

Critical and crucial to the position’s essential function is the safety of the people Aspire serves. Due to the nature of the individuals we serve, the essential functions require all the duties and responsibilities listed below to be performed in all environments and using all appropriate equipment.  All individuals are required to be able to perform these movements without significant risk of injury.

  1. Bend, stoop, squat, kneel, sit, stand and lift.
  2. Provide two-way communications with people.
  3. Lift and transfer the individual both manually and mechanically as per program needs. Manual lifting requires the ability to lift individuals as required in their prescribed individual program plans—bearing the weight of that individual.  Mechanical lifting will be performed using proper mechanical lifting standards, and based on the safety of the individual.
  4. Transfer, move, reposition, shift, and place people in pieces of equipment necessary for their physical circumstance ensuring their safety, comfort, and their natural living conditions.
  5. Physical agility/ability to react to a life-threatening emergency or to intervene in a crisis situation including using your body as an intervention (SCIP or other techniques), as prescribed, to assure safety of the individuals. Physical agility/ability includes but is not limited to bending, stooping, squatting, kneeling, sitting, standing and lifting.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in developing relationships with local employers. Identifies and develops internship opportunities for students with developmental disabilities for the WOW Program. Assists in identifying worksite operations that can be performed by the students throughout the internship.
  2. Responsible for marketing the WOW Program to school districts, agencies and parent groups. Educates them on the process of linking with the program. Develops positive relationship with school districts and corporations in the community.
  3. Responsible for securing contracts with school districts.
  4. Works towards educating employers regarding vocational abilities of students with developmental disabilities and responds to employer’s needs and concerns. Includes assisting employers with job modifications to best meet individual needs.
  5. Develop curriculum, documentation, and marketing materials for the WOW Program and other transition services and programs.
  6. Assist in developing future WOW sites and takes the lead in training and mentoring new staff.
  7. Provides Level One assessments to determine student’s vocational skills, aptitudes and interests.
  8. Responsive to demands and needs required in developing appropriate placement opportunities for entry-level vocational experiences.
  9. Expands the network of employers who see the benefits of hiring the people we represent both as interns and employees, and maintains cordial connections by offering employers assistance with their hiring needs and understanding of programs and regulations.
  10. Receives training from personnel at various worksites in the community in order to learn proper procedures, methods, and tasks required for individuals to properly complete assigned job duties.
  11. Writes a task analysis of the job including all duties, how they are accomplished and the supports that are needed.
  12. Responsible for all information and instruction to employers about the optimal methods of training the individual they have hired.
  13. Trains and instructs individuals in the proper methods, procedures, and processes required in order to successfully apply for jobs, development of interviewing skills, understanding the importance of personal care and setting personal and vocational goals.
  14. Facilitates individuals’ social interaction with co-workers and establishes natural supports for the individual at the worksite.
  15. Serves as a role model for employers and co-workers in training and interacting with their student interns.
  16. Evaluates the placement on an on-going basis with regards to successful completion of job duties, satisfaction with the job, social integration, learning additional skills and tasks, and opportunities for advancement.
  17. Provides advocacy, worksite counseling, support, retraining, and crisis intervention services in order to ensure proper training, successful placement, worksite adjustment, and appropriate follow along services.
  18. Prepares training or transition materials as needed to better support individuals during the internship experience.
  19. Coordinates efforts among Agency staff, individuals served and worksite personnel in order to ensure proper training, successful placement, and worksite adjustment.
  20. Ensures integration of services through contact with families and/or guardians, correspondents, staff members, transporters, school districts and other service providers.
  21. Completes all necessary documentation, progress reports, and assessments as assigned.
  22. Participates in in-services, staff trainings, committees, and meetings as required.
  23. Provides supervision necessary in order to ensure that individuals served are working in a safe and secure setting. Participates in maintaining the safety of the job training environment.
  24. Provides technical assistance to other team members in order to model appropriate problem solving skills in the worksite.
  25. Identifies appropriate assistive devices if needed.
  26. Interfaces with transition and school support staff to ensure that job coaching supports are provided as requested and that appropriate paperwork is completed.
  27. Conduct site safety and sanitation inspections; ensures adherence to safety and sanitation policies and procedures; reporting and ensures correction of any unsanitary/unsafe conditions and practices to ensure the health, safety and well being of individuals served, employees, volunteers and general public.
  28. Adheres to Agency policies, procedures, rules and regulations. As a condition of employment, adherence to attendance and lateness standards are required.

Performs other duties as assigned.

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