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Program Coordinator

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Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelors Degree in Human or Social Services or Health related discipline with three (3) years experience in supervisory and/or coordinating activities in a human service agency. Strong verbal and written communications as well as excellent organizational skills are essential. Valid New York State drivers license required.

Ability to provide quality assurance as related to regulations, policy and procedure guidelines and other related service standards. Ability to perform all of the essential job functioning for a minimum of a seven and one half hours per day, five days a week and accept on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week (except when approved time off) without significant risk of serious injury.  Ability to use the telephone, computer and calculator to ensure knowledge and input regarding assigned services.  Ability to assign work, provide oversight of day to day operations and maintain workflow.  Ability to be organized and track service delivery.  Ability to assess fiscal trends associated with assigned services and monitor impact of staffing, purchasing and fees/revenues.

Primary Responsibility:

Coordinates consumer specific services for the Agency to ensure that individuals served have opportunities to make choices, develop and achieve, participate in the community, maintain good health and secure personal future, be treated with respect and dignity and experience relationships with family members, friends and neighbors as specified in the Agency’s Mission Statement.

Essential Functions are the ability to:

Under general supervision, perform a variety of duties involving a knowledge of agency policies procedures, bargaining unit agreement and State and Local regulation guidelines and laws that apply to assigned services. Facilitate practices and responses to occurances that ensure safety for all persons involved with assigned services.  Deliver duties with considerable judgement and generally independent of direct supervision.  Make decisions guided by precedent based on appropriate policies, etc.

Adherence to attendance and lateness standards are required.

Critical and crucial to the position’s essential function is the safety of the people Aspire serves. Due to the nature of the individuals we serve, the essential functions require all the duties and responsibilities listed below to be performed in all environments and using all appropriate equipment.

Essential Physical Functions are the ability to:

  1. Bend, stoop, squat, kneel, sit stand and lift as per program needs.
  2. Provide two-way communications with people.
  3. Lift and transfer an individual both manually and mechanically as per program needs. Manual lifting requires the ability to lift individuals as required in their prescribed individual program plans-bearing the weight of that individual.  Mechanical lifting will be performed using proper mechanical lifting standards, and base on the safety of the individual as per program needs.
  4. Transfer, move, reposition, shift and place people in pieces of equipment necessary for their physical circumstance ensuring their safety, comfort, and their natural living conditions as per program needs.
  5. Physical agility/ability to react to a life-threatening emergency or to intervene in a crises situation including using your body as an intervention (SCIP or other techniques), as prescribed, to assure safety of the individuals. Physical agility/ability includes but is not limited to bending, stooping, squatting, kneeling, sitting, standing and lifting as per program needs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the management of day to day operations of assigned services.
  2. Responsible for provision of services, including the development of Individual Service Plans, interdisciplinary team reviews, active programming, integration of services and documentation of the same.
  3. Responsible for staffing patterns, staff development and supervision of staff including hiring, discipline, termination and staff performance evaluation.
  4. Directly supervises Team Coordinators or other staff assigned to report to the position.
  5. Administers the Agency’s labor relations systems for applicable services.
  6. Supervises admission and discharge processes.
  7. Ensures implementation of policies and procedures and is responsible for compliance to applicable Federal/State/Local rules and regulations.
  8. Ensures an efficient and comprehensive general record keeping process including confidentiality of records, accuracy of Agency funds used for day to day operation, individuals personal funds and maintenance and safety records.
  9. Oversees service specific development activities at new reconfigured services are planned for implementation.
  10. Coordinates positive relationship and communications among individuals served, families, advocates and the Agency.
  11. Responsible for assigned internal committees, participates in Agency committees, meetings and training.
  12. Participates in monitoring and developing budgets and other fiscal management duties.
  13. Participates in community and regional meetings and committees as it relates to services.
  14. Conducts site safety and sanitation inspections, ensures that all safety and sanitation policies and procedures are followed, and reports and ensures correction of unsafely or unsanitary conditions and practices to ensure the health, safety and well being of individuals served, volunteers and employees.
  15. Adheres to Agency’s policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

16.     Performs other duties as assigned.

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