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Payroll Specialist

Minimum Qualifications:

Associates Degree in Accounting with at least 1 year experience preferred or High School diploma with at least 3 years bookkeeping experience.

Ability to perform all of the essential job functions for a minimum of a seven and one-half hour day shift, with one hour unpaid meal break, without a significant risk of serious injury. Ability to read and comprehend the English language sufficiently to be able to read and understand various forms, documentation, files and information in the agency.  Ability to coordinate activities including workflow, organizing and maintaining records.  Sufficient manual dexterity with proficiency to handle a computer and calculator.  Ability to receive telephone calls, respond to inquiries and communication with others by telephone with or without reasonable accommodations.

Primary Responsibility:

Performs the Payroll Bookkeeping processes for the Agency to ensure that individuals served have opportunities to make choices, develop and achieve, participate in the community, maintain good health and secure personal future, be treated with respect and dignity and experience relationships with family members, friends and neighbors as specified in the Agency’s Mission Statement.

Essential Functions:

Under general supervision performs reviews, verifies, processes, checks and follows up on Payroll Bookkeeping activity assigned in compliance with Agency Policy and Procedures, Fiscal Accounting Policies and Procedures and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The function of the position usually is performed sitting, but may involve some amount of time standing and other movements.  Tasks involve working on a computer keyboard, and calculator involving extensive wrist and hand movement.  All individuals are required to be able to perform these movements without significant risk of injury.  Adherence to attendance and lateness standards are required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Verifies that Payroll information received is complete and accurate.
    1. Calculate Timesheets for Payroll process, input, reconcile
    2. Calculate and enter H/R changes and probation accrual in Payroll Software Program.
    3. Sort Paychecks, count, gather “early release” and mail checks for payroll week.
    4. Prepare manual check request with appropriate backup for Supervisor.
  2. Responsible for processing, inputting, checking and verifying Payroll Bookkeeping activities assigned by Supervisor are produced in accordance with Fiscal Accounting Policies and Procedures, Agency Policy and Procedures and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and for ensuring that all fiscal/accounting records are complete, accurate and timely.
    1. Prepare and review payroll disbursements.
    2. Prepare check request for garnishments and wage assignments after process copy information needed and mail.
  3. Responsible for Payroll front desk activities including but not limited to: answering phone calls, greeting visitors and distributing payroll documents.
  4.  Generate Payroll reports using Microsoft Word and Excel on an as needed basis.
  5.   Maintains required quality control documents in connection with Payroll Bookkeeping activities and notifies Supervisor immediately when variations from policies, procedures and accounting principles occur.
  6.   Monitors Payroll Bookkeeping activity from the beginning to the end of the bookkeeping process.
  7.    Responds to internal and external inquiries about Payroll Bookkeeping area of responsibility in an accurate, timely, responsive and courteous manner.
  8.  Maintains neat and accurate files, backup of Payroll Bookkeeping information/documentation.
    1. Filing
    2. Shredding
  9. Participates in maintaining safety of work environment.
  10.    Adheres to Agency policies, procedures, rules and regulations.  As a condition of employment, adherence to attendance and lateness standards are required.
  11.    Performs other duties as assigned.NOTE: Management reserves the right to change or reassign job duties or combine positions at    any time.


    Works from defined objective requiring the use, interpretation and implementation of a wide range of policies, procedures, regulations, laws, and past practices. Plans and arranges work, handles questions and problem situations referring only unusual cases to supervisor.


    Consequence of errors include but are not limited to: loss of revenue, overpayments, underpayments, reduced cash flow and misstated Agency financial statements.


    Responsibility to keep work area free of hazards and report unsafe conditions to appropriate personnel. Simple equipment and light material are involved.



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