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A message from Aspire President Thomas Sy

Phone: (716) 324-2744

Maintenance Supervisor

Aspire of Western New York

Minimum Qualifications:

Associate Degree in Business Management with three (3) years’ experience in skilled building trades or high school diploma with five years applicable supervisory experience and familiarity with management techniques and principles preferred. Demonstrate ability to supervise maintenance operation. Knowledge of plumbing, electrical, construction and HVAC. Knowledge of equipment and tools related to the trade. Ability to read and understand blue prints and architectural drawing and permits. Ability to implement all Federal, State, Local, OPWDD, HUD, OFPC and other applicable regulations. Must maintain a valid NYS driver’s license.

Primary Responsibility:

To maintain Agency facilities, tools and equipment through prioritizing, planning and scheduling staff to complete work, allocating resources and managing multiple tasks, overseeing maintenance and handling emergencies to promote the Agency’s Vision and Mission.

Essential Functions are the ability to:

  1. Provide two-way communications with people.
  2. Bend, stoop, squat, kneel, sit, stand, lift, climb, crawl, walk, twist, turn, step up or down or side to side, push, pull reach, grasp, perform repetitive motion, climb ladders and enter crawl spaces. Tasks involving work on a computer keyboard involve extensive wrist and hand movement.
  3. Operate equipment and use tools appropriately specific to job and/or tasks.
  4. Ability to perform all of the essential job functions for a minimum of a seven and one half hour shift, with one hour unpaid meal break, without a significant risk of serious injury. Ability to work outside of and beyond this schedule as needed. Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Oversees and supervises the day to day facility maintenance operations.
  2. Supervises maintenance and housekeeping staff.
  3. Prioritizes work, plans and assigns staff to complete maintenance, repairs, projects and inspection assignments.
  4. Coordinates Preventative Maintenance programs for facilities, equipment and tools. Reports health and safety issues as necessary and as required by regulation(s).
  5. Administers, coordinates and maintains records of work order system, routine preventative maintenance schedules, projects and emergencies.
  6. Monitors and ensures all work is completed in a timely, conscientious and appropriate manner.
  7. Coordinates and participates in Agency’s after hour emergency facility maintenance/equipment programs.
  8. Ensures equipment and tools are properly inspected and maintained.
  9. Coordinates safety plans and programs for facilities, equipment, tools and reports health and safety issues as necessary and as required by regulation(s).
  10. Oversees contractors, vendors and staff and ensures all work is completed in a timely, conscientious and appropriate manner.
  11. Orders, inventories and maintains materials, supplies and equipment as needed.
  12. Provides cost estimates for work to be performed and orders, inventories and maintains materials, supplies and equipment as needed.
  13. Meets with surveyor(s) to conduct physical plant walk-through inspections, makes suggested corrections and writes required plan of corrective actions.
  14. Performs hands-on maintenance, repairs, inspections, monitoring and related activities as required.
  15. Conducts HUD move in/out inspections, annual inspections, and REAC inspections.
  16. Submit all paperwork to HUD department in accordance with inspection and completed work.
  17. Meets with NYS survey team to conduct physical plant walk-thru inspections at Agency properties.
  18. Meets with OFPC rep and conduct walk through inspections as scheduled.
  19. Meets with QA rep and conducts fire safety/physical plant walk through.
  20. Oversees bed safety training and ensures policy & procedures are followed.
  21. Take part in Residential Facilities emergency on-call rotation.
  22. Adheres to applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations and keeps informed of changes.
  23. Utilizes the computer for ongoing communication, record keeping and reporting.
  24. Adheres to Agency’s policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  25. Performs other duties as assigned.
  26. NOTE: Management reserves the right to change or reassign job duties or combine positions at any time.

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