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Certified Medical Assistant

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Minimum Qualifications:

Associates Degree from an accredited Medical Assistant program; CMA (AAMA) required; strong knowledge of medical terminology as it relates to medical visits, procedures, hospitalizations, urgent care events and transcriptions. Demonstrates exceptional communication skills:  written and verbal.  Demonstrates at a minimum, knowledge and facility with Intergy, Vitera and Microsoft Office Suite.

Primary Responsibility:

The Certified Medical Assistant will promote fluent patient interaction and direction in the clinic through the performance of tasks within his/her scope of practice. The Certified Medical Assistant will provide administrative support services to providers and clinical staff at the Aspire Health Care Center.

Essential Duties:

The Certified Medical Assistant performs tasks which involve working on a computer keyboard, typewriter, calculator, cutting, labeling, and taping involving extensive wrist and hand movement. Provide two-way communications with patients, visitors, providers and colleagues.  The function of the position usually is performed sitting, but may involve some amount of time standing.  Some amount of stooping kneeling, bending, crouching, lifting, walking, carrying, and other movements may be required.  All individuals are required to be able to perform these movements without significant risk of injury.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Prepares patient charts for medical providers for the next business day. This includes obtaining labs, previously ordered test results, consult notes and medical records as indicated and as occurred in the interim of previous visits.
  2. Uses HealtheLink connectivity to obtain patient information with regard to hospital admissions, ER visits, and discharge summaries for medical providers. Also uses HealtheLink as a portal to retrieve patient labs and diagnostic tests ordered by the patient care team.
  3. Maintains patient records as required in the electronic medical record. Ensures that records are accurately added and/or updated as necessary and/or as directed by providers. Assists with training staff on use of the EMR.
  4. Assists providers by preparing patients for office visits:
  • obtains and records vital signs (BP, height, weight, pulse ox, temperature
  • obtains basic medical history and reason for clinic visit from patient
  • assists physician with examination when requested
  1. Performs medication reconciliation as part of EMR or AWV (ACO) chart prep procedures, data enters new medications into electronic medical record as indicated or directed by providers.
  2. Confirms patient allergies and data-enters new allergies as well as sensitivies into the electronic medical record.
  3. Uses safe patient management techniques to transfer patients onto the examination table or from surface to surface as appropriate, necessary or as directed by a provider.
  4. Completes inventories, reviews records, and processes superbills in preparation for fiscal claims processing. Ensures that all necessary information for clean claim submission is met and that provider input is complete according to regulatory requirements.
  5. Performs administrative duties assigned by clinical personnel, to include archiving and research of specific patient information.
  6. Completes discharge procedures on all patients scheduled for assigned provider of the day, including ensuring that prescriptions, health education and orders are provided to the patient as per the direction of the provider; assists with data collection and entry of PCMH-related information. Prepares Rx refill from pharmacy.
  7. Completes forms and updates EMR relating to medical issues as directed by providers.
  8. Provides support to patient care representatives and front line operation; ensures that workflows for patient transitioning to the medical exam rooms are completed seamlessly and efficiently.
  9. Prepares exam rooms for patient care; stocks paper and medical supplies, ensures that proper instruments and care kits are appropriately set up for procedures.
  10. Responsible for following all infection control policies and guidance regarding patient care, transport of contagious patients, proper employment of universal precautions, and sanitizing of examination rooms post-discharge of patient. Maintains infection control standards and practices safe disposal of products contaminated by body fluids or hazardous medical waste to provide a safe environment. Provides feedback to providers on problematic or questionable areas encountered in patient care involving infection control practice.
  11. Participates in maintaining a safe work environment. Responds to the safety and security needs of patients. Follows all safety, HIPPA, OSHA, and NYS Department of Health guidelines. Responds to fire practice and emergency drills as per policy.
  12. Participates in staff training, in-services, committees, and meetings as required. Maintains certification as a medical assistant.
  13. Completes back-end process of new patient intakes, including data-entry of demographics, validation of insurance, and care team notation in the electronic medical record.
  14. Assists with data-entry of Preventive Services Plans for ACO patient AWV-2 visits. Completes quality documentation retrieval and quality checklist garnering of outstanding documentation for submission.
  15. Performs the following administrative duties as assigned: pulling and filing patient charts, filing patient paperwork, phone calls to patients doctor’s for medical clearance, referral phone calls on patient’s behalf, answering phone and scheduling appointments, intake phone calls and mailing intake packets, reminder calls for appointments and generating reports for therapy supervisors.
  16. Adheres to Agency policies, procedures, rules, and regulations. As a condition of employment, adherence to attendance and lateness standards are required.
  17. Prepares patient insurance referrals as requested by patient/medical offices. Runs Healthenet updating reviews as necessary and appropriate for Aspire Health Center patients.

Performs other duties as assigned or as designated.

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