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Kenmore East Senior Shines in Big Moment

Brock Kowalski Steals the Show on Senior Night

Brock Kowalski has been a manager for the Kenmore East Basketball program all through high school. He has all the intangibles of a quality player and leader. The first one to arrive. Supportive teammate. Dedicated to the squad. According to his teammate, Brock is in essence, “a catalyst to making us better overall.”

Brock also has cerebral palsy. But that didn’t stop him from bringing every single person to an eruptive standing ovation last Tuesday night on Senior Night.

WIVB Buffalo | Brock’s Big Shot

Brock and his coach Jay Robbins made the decision early in the season that if the time was right, Brock would get the opportunity to step on the court and have a chance to shine. Tuesday night, it was time. Just seeing Brock enter the game was enough to bring fans from both teams to their feet. The energy in the gym was electric, while Brock remained focused on who he was guarding and what defense his Bulldogs were in.

But nothing would compare to the moment Brock drained a jumper from just behind the foul line.

“One of our big men got the rebound, kicked it right back out to me, I took a deep breath, and it went in.”

Players, fans and coaches from both teams erupted in mutual admiration for the courageous moment four years in the making. Having been dedicated to the program, through wins and losses, through every practice, every high and low, everything culminated into a moment that everyone present will likely never forget. For Brock, as to how this legendary shot ranks in his career?

“Number 1. Absolutely number one.”

Though the Bulldogs didn’t come out on top on the scoreboard, everyone was a winner following this contest. After 4 years of getting his scorebook done, Brock was able to finally see himself IN the scorebook. A dream-like scenario coming to fruition for someone setting an example for all of us.

“If you put your mind to something there is no stopping.”

Brock Kowalski’s resilience, compassion, and belief are a beautiful reflection of the mission of Aspire of WNY. Look no further than this powerful statement Brock had following the magic moment.

“I feel like I was put on this earth to make a good example for kids who have disabilities like myself.”

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