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Former NFL QB & Wife to Create Independent Living Complex for Developmentally Disabled

Bills’ fans rejoice, it’s officially football season! As everyone in Western New York is raring up for an exciting opening weekend of the NFL season, Aspire would love to bring a little light to a former NFL quarterback making a difference.

Kurt Warner has achieved the pinnacle of success on the gridiron, having led 2 different franchises to Super Bowls, winning the NFL MVP, and will surely be in the Hall of Fame someday. Football fans may know his incredible story that led him to the NFL, but if you didn’t know, here is a little backstory.

Sports Illustrated 1999 – Rams quarterback Kurt Warner is lighting up the NFL, thanks largely to an unwavering faith that has been tested time and again

The story of Kurt’s success through faith and perseverance is one in it’s own, but other than being a Super Bowl QB, he is also a family man. He met his wife Brenda in college, and they would be married in 1997. Brenda was a former Marine, and divorced mother of two kids. One of her kids, Zack, was permanently brain damaged after being accidentally dropped by her ex-husband as an infant.

First Things First

Brenda and Kurt have devoted a significant amount of time and money to helping individuals with developmental disabilities. First Things First is their public charity established in 2001 which serves as a vehicle for Kurt and Brenta to reach out the community and help others. Their latest endeavor for helping the world become a better place? Creating a multi-function independent living facility for individuals with disabilities.

Treasure House

Brenda Warner always had a passion for providing equal opportunity for her son Zack, now 26, who is visually impaired and developmentally disabled. Shortly after graduating high school, the parents soon realized Zack, like many other individuals with disabilities, became bored and sought independence. Zack’s parents yearned to find him a home where he could live independently, but happily. As they looked over various potential homes for their son, they were disappointed in the living conditions of many of the independent living facilities.


Brenda & Kurt’s Son Zack Warner

Eventually the family would find St. Louis Life, a community based residential program for young adults with disabilities in Missouri. Brenda is very adamant about the benefits of the program, speaking highly of the positive change it has brought to his life. Enabling Zack to find his own peers, a job to go to, a plan for purpose has truly made a difference for Zack and his family. The positive growth, along with the disappointment of other facility conditions were enough to inspire Brenda and Kurt to open their own independent living facility known as Treasure House.

Treasure House will initially accommodate 24 adults between 19-35. It will consist of studio apartments for each resident, a family-style kitchen, family room, game room, and patio supervised by community assistants. The nonprofit organization will also provide educational, recreational, social, and vocational opportunities for residents.

The Warners hope that their efforts to help individuals with developmental disabilities can eventually move nationwide, but getting the first Treasure House up and running is their first priority. Seeing a former NFL Quarterback open up a home like this for individuals with disabilities isn’t something you see every day, but we hope that he and his wife continue to provide exposure and awareness to something we feel so strongly about at Aspire of WNY. Bettering the lives of individuals with disabilities. We couldn’t agree more with this statement from Brenda, a lifelong parent of a son with developmental disabilities, talking about Treasure House’s eventual first resident, Zack.

“I want him (Zack) to have his own life, his own peers, and that’s what Treasure House will become. We realized there’s such a need for housing for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. They deserve a full life,” Brenda said.


You can stay tuned to the development of the Treasure House by visiting their website Or stay on top of everything the Warner’s are doing on their First Things First Website

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