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Spirited Example of Inclusion & Perseverance Inspires Millions

Cheerleader With CP Helps Team Win 1st Place

We see inspiring stories everywhere — from the fearless members of our community here at Aspire, to other organizations and volunteers all over the Buffalo Niagara region.  Living with or supporting an individual with a disability isn’t always easy, with it comes the full gamut of emotion — from determination and happiness to disappointment and perseverance.

Australian Debbie Stark provided a valuable lesson to the world as she triumphed over her limitations and inspired others across the globe.

Stark, a cheerleader in Australia, showed just what an individual with CP can accomplish after she pushed past her own limitations.  While her condition confines her to a wheelchair, it’s her enthusiasm and determination that made international headlines, captured on a video that has gone viral – already having been viewed a whopping 5 million times.

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As a member of an all-ability cheerleading team that competed at the NSW All Star Battle Cheer Edition competition in Sydney, the teen helped her team place first.  What’s even more incredible is that Debbie only started training earlier this year.  Not only did her team take first place, but Debbie was awarded champion in Australia’s All-Star Cheerleading Federation’s Special Abilities Category.  When asked how it felt being an inspiration to so many people, she was amazed.

“Overwhelmed, I didn’t think I would inspire any people but I have,” Stark said.  “And that’s just amazing.”

Debbie certainly did provide plenty of inspiration.  It’s incredible what perseverance, dedication and passion can do.

While everyone suffering from CP has unique strengths, weaknesses and limitations, Debbie Stark is a shining example of what one can accomplish with determination, strength and positivity. Check out her incredible performance below..

Debbie Stark isn’t just an inspiration to Individuals with developmental disabilities in Buffalo, she’s an inspiration to everyone.

See the Report from Australia’s 9 News

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