Art Jury

Your Vote Counts!
Can not make it in person?  Click the Virtual Gallery button above to start viewing virtually and vote!

Below are a few helpful hints to make this voting process, fun, easy and a truly novel experience:

To get through each room click Next Room or Previous Room.
If you would like to know more about the piece you see in a room, click the photo and it will give you more information. To get back to that gallery room click the back button.
When you are ready to vote you can click the Vote button in any room and this will take to you a new voting page/tab. Once you get to the new page please pick 10 of your favorite pieces.
If you wanted to go back to the gallery while voting just go to the top of your web page and click the Virtual Gallery Web Page tab. You can go back and forth between both pages until you are ready to submit your vote.
When you are ready to submit your vote, go to the bottom of the voting page and click Finish.

****Please note: Once you click Finish you cannot vote again****