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A message from Aspire President Thomas Sy

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Agency Outreach and Central Intake

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  • Agency Outreach

    Aspire of WNY’s Agency Outreach and Central Intake creates rewarding new relationships in the community, and nurtures existing relationships with individuals, families, local business partners and with other agencies. We also seek to champion advocacy efforts to encourage awareness, acceptance, and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities:

      • Home Services Programs:
        • Outreach to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in order to promote advocacy, provide information and referral to community resources, facilitate provision of needed services, and provide public education to support advocacy efforts
      • Family Education & Training Programs:
        • Provides education and training to caregivers of children under the age of 18 in order to enhance the family’s knowledge, skills, and decision making capacity to help them care for their child with developmental disabilities.
          Child must have a Care Coordinator and be enrolled in the HCBS Waiver Program
      • Liaison to Care Coordination Organizations (CCO):
        • With the recent transition from Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) to Care Coordination, Aspire of WNY seeks to maintain a collaborative relationship with CCOs in order to ensure the highest quality of services and care for those we support

    For more information on Agency Outreach:

    In Erie or Niagara County:
    Jenna Astridge (716) 505-5260

    In Chautauqua County:
    Tracy Flagella (716) 456-3103

  • Central Intake

    Single point of contact for individuals, their families and circles of support seeking services from Aspire of WNY.  Our team can assist with:

      • Navigating and understanding the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Front Door process and obtaining necessary authorization for services
      • After services are authorized,  our staff can help guide individuals and their support team through the intake process for supports and services at Aspire  as authorized

    For more information in Erie, Niagara or Chautauqua County please contact:

    (716) 838-0047 or

  • Environmental Modification and Adaptive Technology (EMODS)

    • Assistance to obtain funding for environmental modifications and adaptive technologies to ensure that a person’s health, safety, independence and well-being are met through necessary modifications or devices. This ensures a person can maintain the ability to live at home and in the community.
    • Aspire of WNY participates fully in the Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE).
    • Examples of E-Mods and Adaptive Technology
      • Coordinate the installation of a wheelchair ramp or lift
      • Accessible bathroom modifications
      • Assist with making the kitchen and living space accessible and safe
      • Vehicle modifications

    For More Information on EMODs in Erie, Niagara or Chautauqua County, please contact:

    Jon Lundmark Phone: (716) 456-3113

  • Individual Supports and Services (ISS)

    ISS assists adults with developmental disabilities to live independently by providing funds to pay for rent and utilities in community-based apartments. ISS is only available to individuals living independently. Individuals must be eligible for services with the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to receive ISS.

    For more information on ISS in Erie, Niagara or Chautauqua County, please contact:

    Jon Lundmark Phone: (716) 456-3113

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