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 Aspire Center for Learning Educational Services

Aspire Center for Learning's mission is to enhance the lives of our students by providing the highest quality education and services, using state of the art technology, equipment, instructional strategies and therapeutic interventions. 

 Programs that offer individualized services include:

·         Early Intervention:  Provided in home or community based settings for children birth to 3 years of age.

·         Preschool:  Provided in comprehensive integrated classrooms or in home and/or community based settings for students, ages 3 to 5 years.

·         School age:  Provided in comprehensive classroom settings for students, ages 5 to 21 years.

·         Summer Work Skills: Provided in comprehensive classroom settings with supported internships at local businesses throughout the community.


Program services as mandated on Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP) for Early Intervention and Individualized Education Programs (IEP) for Preschool and School age are:

·         Education

·         Vision

·         Behavior Intervention

·         Occupational Therapy

·         Physical Therapy

·         Speech-Language Therapy

·         Nursing


Professionals that make up each student's team are licensed and certified by New York State.  Parents are also a vital member of the team.  Parents are invited to attend regular team meetings to discuss their children's progress and areas of need.

Specials provided by certified staff

·         Adapted Physical Education

·         Art

·         Music


Specialized Services

·         Technology:  State of the art technology is offered to every student as a means of facilitating learning.  Examples of technology used at the Center for Learning:

ü  Interactive Smart Boards

ü  Computers

ü  Touch Screen Monitors

ü  iPads

ü  Augmentative Communication Devices for assessment and training

ü  Switches for environmental access

ü  Power wheelchairs for mobility assessment and training

·         Sensory:  State of the art sensory program for students with sensory deficits and needs.

·         Adaptive Equipment:  A department of trained staff that can create alternative seating and positioning options for students also including adapted equipment to access communication devices, therapy and educational materials and switch holders.


Specialized Clinics offered at the Center for Learning by Vendors




Evaluations, to determine each child's eligibility into the early intervention or preschool programs, are conducted by a fully licensed and certified team of professionals. Evaluations are available in the following areas based on your child's needs:


·         Education

·         Psychological

·         Occupational Therapy

·         Physical Therapy

·         Speech-Language Therapy

·         Vision


Evaluations must be requested through the County you reside in for Early Intervention or the school district you reside in for preschool.



For more information, call 716.505.5700.

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