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Physical Therapy

In order to maximize independence, promote good health, and enhance quality of life, our physical therapists evaluate and develop individualized treatment programs to prevent, minimize, or alleviate physical disability and associated health complications.

Occupational Therapy

Promoting independence and productivity in all areas of daily living, occupational therapists provide evaluation and treatment of sensory dysfunction, activities of daily living, functional arm and hand skills, and environmental awareness.

Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Pathologists provide evaluation and treatment of a full range of communication disorders and swallowing difficulties. Qualified clinicians address all issues affecting language, comprehension, and message production. Enhanced communication skills are a key factor in facilitating an improved quality of life.

     Aspire's health team also offers the following:
  • Wheelchair evaluations, ordering and fitting.
  • Orthotic services to help prevent further contractures and deformity, enhance ambulation, and maintain optimal functioning.
  • Adaptive equipment evaluation and ordering of supplies though Occupational Therapy.
  • Occupational, Speech, Physical Therapies.

For more information on Aspire's Rehabilitation Services, please call: (716) 505-5634.

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