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Co-Op Day Habilitation

A program inspired and developed by the people whose ideas matter most.

Three major components make up Aspire's Co-Op: 

iXpress, the Wellness Center and i-Excel.


A component designed to assist individuals in exploring their talents and to express themselves through the arts. Instiling independence and self-confidence, iXpress gives individuals the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of positive and creative ways. 

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center encompasses various components throughout the day to promote physical, educational and emotional well being for each Co-Op member. These components include on site group and/or individual exercise programs that are then maintained through on site healthy cooking projects to make overall healthy choices. 


A component designed to address the specific needs of the individuals, a person centered approach. Working with the members on a one-to-one basis we will design a schedule that meets their needs. Focusing on the growth of the person and their independence. This component focuses on life skills from banking and money to filling out an application, computer readiness, library visits and volunteering on and off site.  

For more information on Aspire's Co-Op program, please call 716.512.6788. 





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