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Assistive Technology Network (ATN) is able to make a genuine impact on the lives of disabled people of all ages. From facilitating computer access to providing adaptive toys and mobility devices, the Assistive Technology Network is helping people overcome their obstacles and live happier lives.

The ATN Team:

Aspire has been providing assistive technology services for more than 20 years. The Assistive Technology field is a specialization or niche service only recently considered by other agencies. Aspire's ATN team includes a broad spectrum of professionals from the following disciplines:

Comprehensive Services:

  • Student, consumer, parent or advocate education about AT and particular devices
  • Technology/device demonstrations both at Aspire and in the community
  • Assessments of skills, proper technology fit, etc.
  • User and advocate training
  • Loan library
  • Technology support
  • Ongoing therapy

Assistive Technology:

Computer Access
ATN specializes in providing people of all abilities with access and training to use computers. We customize computer systems using individualized hardware and software modifications for people interested in gaining computer skills.

Switches & Adaptive Toys
ATN makes play and learning accessible to children through the combination of toys and technology. Our switches and adaptive toys allow for multisensory appeal, self-expression, adjustability and safety.

Seating & Mobility
ATN custom builds or adapts existing equipment to meet specific needs and provide just the right amount of support and security. Our extensive expertise with mobility devices such as wheelchairs, standers, gait trainers and bicycles brings greater independence and mobility.

Adaptive Equipment
ATN custom designs and modifies a wide variety of equipment to increase mobility, communication and independent living. Equipment includes standers, lyers, floor chairs, bathroom aids, beds, bikes, sleds, tables, pointers and grabbers.

Augmentative Communication Clinic
ATN offers evaluation and training in the use of assistive communication aids and devices for individuals who have lost the ability to speak or whose speech is difficult to understand. Our thorough assessment of an individual's language skills, needs and potential ensures they are fitted with the most appropriate and effective communication equipment. 

      For more information on Aspire's Assistive Technology Services for adults, 
      please call: (716) 505-5636. 
      If you would like information on Aspire's Assistive Technology Services for children, 
      please call: (716) 505-3040.

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